Babolat Satelite Gravity 78 Badminton Racket, Green (2017)

Metriflex Technology - A revolutionary shaft with variable levels of flexibility allowing for maximum speed and increased hitting power.

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The Metriflex System has an oval shaped shaft allowing for improved flexion on the overhead swing during the preparation phase. When the arm rotates to open the racket face up the stiffer section of the shaft holds the head steady for increased precision. Hybrid Grommet Technology - The grommets for the mains and the crosses at the sweetspot have an aluminium coating, stiffening the grommet resulting in a more durable grommet and giving increased feel upon impact with the shuttlecock. GT Technology - High density carbon fibers, giving the racquet head optimum strength for greater power and control. 22x23 String Pattern - Standard string bed for a solid hitting feel SlimT - Ultra slim T-joint giving the perfect connection between frame and shaft for increased aerodynamics.

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