Babolat Drive 115 Tennis Racket (2017)

Drive 115 boasts the biggest sweetspot in Babolat range with 115 headsize. It is super light-weight at 255g weight. The advanced Cortex system filters out vibrations for a comfortable feel.

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Advancing on the Cortex Dampening System, there is an all-new dual material construction with an initial CDS interface for maximum feel and a second CDS that is 20% more flexible for optimal comfort on every hit. It's the ideal balance between playing comfort and a great feel for the ball.

Elliptic Design shaft is 20% stiffer than traditional frame. It makes the shaft less susceptible to bending when hitting the ball, making the shots more powerful as well as precise. Woofer System allows energy to travel across more lines of strings during ball contact, amplifying power, ball control and reducing frame vibrations.

With its large sweetspot, light weight and comfort of Cortex system, Drive 115 will appeal largely to club players who frequently play doubles and like to volley.
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