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  • Babolat Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket (2021)
  • Babolat Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket (2021)
  • Babolat Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket (2021)
  • Babolat Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket (2021)

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket (2021)

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The 10th edition of Babolat’s best selling racket - the Pure Drive brings power to players of all levels.

The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

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Some call it the definition of power. You will call it your unfair advantage. We call it the Pure Drive. Babolat launched the Pure Drive in 1994 and quickly established the benchmark for power. With every subsequent model, we’ve innovated and Evolved to meet the demands of the game. It’s no wonder the Pure Drive is one of most popular and versatile racquets in the world. The 10th generation of the Pure Drive takes your game to the next level with point-ending explosive power and increased feel. You’ll love the Pure Drive if you’re looking for the perfect balance between power and feel on every shot.



You want power, stop looking around. Whatever your skill level is, power is what made this racquet iconic. Not only it is widely used on Tour, but this is also one of the bestselling racquets of all time because of its versatility bringing power in the palm of the hand of any player.


You wish you had an extra pop when things get tough, here comes explosivity. When the intensity is high you can rely on your racquet to do exactly what you are looking for: produce a killing shot, even on off centered hit. A new lay-up has been developed to do exactly that, put a smile on your face… and a grin on your opponent’s one.




You need feel, now feel the difference. Yes, feel is important even in a powerful frame. We all understand that if you cannot control your shot, power is meaningless. Get ready for a new experience you will not only feel but also hear through this unique sound at ball impact.


The High Torsional Rigidity (HTR) system is a new lay-up composition in the hoop of the racquet for increased rigidity to produce explosive winners at will.


New technology featuring extended wrapping of SMAC technology, the cutting-edge vibration filtration system integrated in the lay-up composition, provides an unrivaled feel at ball impact and a unique sound on every shot.



Elliptical frame structure with optimal resistance and overall rigidity for phenomenal power.



Head size - 100 in²
Length - 27 in
Weight (unstrung) - 300 g
Balance (unstrung) - 320 mm
Swing weight - 290
Stringing Pattern -16/19
Stiffness (RA) - 72
Section - 23-26-23
Composition - Graphite
Recommended string - RPM Power/Xcel
Tension Recommended - 23-27 Kg
Recommended grip - Syntec Pro

Innovative technologies


It’s hard to describe in simple terms just how the advances come about. Modern racket manufacture is a highly specialised scientific process, often making use of discoveries from the aerospace industry, and Babolat’s approach is evolution, not revolution. As such, the new Pure Drive keeps all the benefits of the 2018 model but brings some nice improvements everyone can feel.

The explosivity that comes from the added stability of the frame is one improvement. Another is the addition of ‘Smacwrap’ technology to enhance the feel. This is a kind of viscoelastic material integrated within the carbon layers at specific areas that acts as a vibration filtration factor without impairing the frame’s mechanical properties.

It allows the vibrations caused by the ball hitting the strings to be filtered, so the player feels those that contribute to the sense of a good ball contact, while the potentially harmful vibrations that can lead to problems with the arm’s tendons are minimised. The result is a better feel of ball on strings, and the satisfaction of a shot well struck.

The new Pure Drive’s inspiring design features a striking photo of a fork of lightning. Not only does it encapsulate the Pure Drive’s deep blue colour scheme, but it is a metaphor for the explosive power – instantaneous and unpredictable – that the new Pure Drive offers players of all levels. The two-tone blue is both warm and striking, making the racket aesthetically pleasing to look at as well as highly effective.


Continuing a great history

The Pure Drive was Babolat’s first racket in 1994, even though the company’s strings are as old as tennis itself. Success was instantaneous – Carlos Moya picked up one of the very first Pure Drives, loved the way it allowed him to hit great power off very short backswings, and within four years he was a Grand Slam champion with it.

The new Pure Drive is the 10th incarnation of the original racket. The racket’s DNA has stayed the same, and anyone who has played with a Pure Drive in the past 26 years will recognise the basic features in the new model. But the improvements have been continuous and this new release adds explosivity to power.

Much as Babolat talks about the Pure Drive as the power racket in the company’s range, it is effectively the all-rounder. Its light weight makes it very manoeuvrable, and some players opt for it more for the feel it offers on the volley than for its power from the back of the court.

Not surprisingly, the Pure Drive is a world’s best-selling racket, the racket of choice endorsed by many top pros and coaches, as well as juniors and club players. The last improvements will allow players at all levels to know they are making use of state-of-the-art technology, and the explosivity that is a feature of the new Pure Drive will allow for unpredictable winners.

Power for All, as the Pure Drive story embarks on its latest exciting chapter!


The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

Kevin Duffy |

When I first heard that there was a new PD coming out, I was instantly excited to see and test it. The PD was such an iconic racket for me when I was growing up. I think I first started using a PD in 2000 around the time it was being used by Carlos Moya. Carlos Moya (in 1998) was the first player to win grand slam final, and first player to be ranked No. 1 in the world with a Babolat racket. It later became the racket of choice for other World No. 1 ‘s including Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters.
One of the best assets of this racket is that is really does suit players from beginners level through to tour level, and there can’t be too many frames you can say that about.
Over the years and evolution of this racket, my personal opinion is that is had lost much of its great feel and became too stiff and too powerful.
I’m delighted to say that this new 2021 version is as close to the originals as I’ve felt in many years.
Firstly the new 2021 version looks fantastic. That’s important.
Secondly it feel much nicer and less stiff. Now I am aware that Babolat are still claiming the that RA (Stiffness Rating) is unchanged from recent models, however they have introduced a new dampening system which without doubts makes it feel less stiff and more playable and enjoyable.
The PD remains one of the bestselling rackets in the world, and current users will inevitable love the new model. What I think may happen, is that with the feel and stiffness appearing softer, they will also surprise and impress a new breed of racket lovers that may just decide to add this racket to their collection.
If you want effortless free power and spin, a great looking racket and model that is tried and tested for several decades, then I strongly advise you take this racket out for a test. This is a great upgrade from previous models. Good Job Babolat!

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