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Meet the Team


I am sorry to say that I am the one responsible for putting this motley crew together...If only I’d stayed a teacher! What started as the need to keep my rackets in order & to do the odd restring for friends,has grow into the company we have today. Long gone are the days of Rapid Repairs & working from my bedroom, then attic then finally the garage. That said our ethos is the same – a \ principled approach to everything we do, with an emphasis on quality. I don’t think anyone strings as well as our team, nor beats our customer service. My role is simple – keep it all going in the right direction !


Favourite Sports – Tennis, Badminton, Rugby

Favourite Sports Person - of all time – Bjorn Borg, currently – Huw Jones

Favourite Product – Fishing Rods! Have I ever told you about the time I caught (Editorial – That’s enough of that )

Best thing about working for Gannon Sports – My Staff,I’m very proud of all of them & it helps that they’re nice people - even Peter !

Worst thing about working for Gannon Sports – It never stops! I wish I was better at taking time off.

Other likes, hobbies etc – Walking, Fishing, Watching sport (athletics, cricket, rugby etc)



Hi, I am Victoria, the manager of Gannon Sports Glasgow & Gannon Sport’s principle badminton buyer.I have been with the company for 12 years now in our badminton specialist store. I have played badminton since I was 7 & often competed in national tournaments. I have strung at several high level tournaments including the Commonwealth Games.


Favourite Sport -  Badminton

Favourite Sports Person - Serena Williams

Favourite Product - Nanoray 900

Best thing about working for Gannon Sports – Knowing that Brian has trust & confidence in me & my ability to do my job, its great knowing that my ideas & opinions are welcomed. Worst thing about work: Competing with big online companies who are determined to pushout small independents like ourselves Other like etc: I enjoy going to the theatre & concerts. I generally just want to be entertained by very talented people



Since starting with Gannon Sports on a part time basis back in something like 2003, my role has quietly grown arms & legs to the point that there is no escape!  I get asked to do everything!  I guess my role is primarily to back up Brian & fill in wherever I’m most needed.  This results in my job being pretty varied, I run stores,manage outside events & the website, produce our marketing, do staff training, meet with reps. I help out with the soclal media, general office work, stringing… basically any other tasks that need done!  A jack of all trades, hopefully master of some, probably more of general dogs body!
Favourite Sport - Rugby
Favourite Sports Person - of all time - Brian o’ Driscoll,, currently - Anthony Joshua
Favourite Product - Foam Roller, I’m getting old I need all the help I can get
Best thing about working for Gannon Sports –
Staff discount! I spend my life in Salomon shoes!
Worst thing about working for Gannon Sports – Working with my Dad ;)  …mumble family business…
mumble mumble          
Other likes, hobbies etc - Tennis, Hiking, Making stuff (badly), Playing Guitar(badly), Playing 
Piano(very badly)





Hi, I’m Steve, I have a keen interest is sport, watching and playing.  I graduated with a BSc (hons) in Sport and Exercise Science in 2013 & I am a qualified Fitness Instructor.  I  have worked with the Gannon’s since 2015 & I now help manage the Edinburgh store, as well as work on social media & at racket demo events.  Football is my main passion, having played with various team, including winning the Scottish Youth Cup with Edinburgh United.


Favourite Sport - Football, NFL, tennis.

Favourite Sports Person - Lionel Messi / Andy Murray.

Favourite Product: Current Wilson racket range.

Best thing about working for Gannon Sports –Local family company with personable feel.

Worst thing about working for Gannon Sports – Later finishes. Hobbies: Playing football, keeping active, gigs, films, beer.




I Hello my name is Ross & I started working for Gannon Sports in 2016. I mainly work in the Edinburgh store, but also work in North Berwick & Gullane. I’ve also worked at competitions as a stringer & at the Badminton World Championships with Gannon Sports & Yonex. Favourite Sports - Anything really. If it involves running, throwing, kicking, hitting, riding, cueing, driving etc. I'll most likely find the merit in it.

Favourite Sports Person - Currently: Nick Foles. Ever: Alan Shearer

Favourite Product - Probably Kinesiology Tape, as I'm forever twisting something, even when I'm not playing sport.

Best thing about working for Gannon Sports – All the different sports products at my fingertips.

Worst thing about working for Gannon Sports – All the different sports products at my fingertips. It takes a bit of willpower not buy every new thing that comes in.

Other likes, hobbies etc - Pubs, real ale, watching sports, watching sports in the pub with some real ale, playing sport, cinema, music, books, podcasts - I can't think of much else I'm pretty one dimensional really [lol]



Hello Hello, I'm Ryah! I’ve been working for the Gannon's since 2013. Over the years, I have worked between two of their four shops (North Berwick & Gullane). I've learned to restring rackets & I’ve worked with Gannon Sports at events  such as the Scottish Open & World Badminton Championships in Glasgow.
Favourite Sport - Watching rugby.
Favourite Sports Person - If comedy was a sport It would need to be Lee Evans. 
Favourite Product -  Aerobie Range - The screaming banshee is my personal favourite.
Best thing about working for Gannon Sports – 10am Starts and lovely staff.
Worst thing about working for Gannon Sports – Working the weekend shifts & stock takes 
Other likes, hobbies etc - Spending time with friends; Cinema & Pub time.  Adventures & Camping  & not to forget the odd JD with coke.


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